Spencer has been playing and producing music in Vancouver and around the world for nearly twenty years. He is most often found touring with recording artist Carolyn Arends, winner of the West Coast Music Awards Songwriter of the year and the American Dove Awards. When not on the road or in the studio with Carolyn, he has worked extensively with Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre as an actor, musician and music director. He has played on hundreds of albums, working in studios in Vancouver, Nashville, and Los Angeles, including Grammy Award winning Jennifer Knapp.

He started out playing coffee houses and summer festivals with local songwriters. He began playing and touring with Carolyn just before she was signed to a Nashville record contract. He’s been touring and recording with her ever since.

He manages to play for other performers both live and in the studio and in many genres of music, including Allen Desnoyers, Michael Hart, Christopher Williams, Juno award winner Blaise Pascal, and many others. He likes taking the violin and mandolin into situations that they are not expected.

Lately, Spencer has been making a name for himself as a producer, working with local and out of town artists, such as Sherrill Mair (Shé), Julee Glaub, Katy Wehrand several others.

“I like acoustic music that takes me somewhere other than a series of sixteenth notes. I’m drawn to melody, rhythm and simplicity. If it’s not telling a story I get bored very quickly, no matter how technically brilliant a player is.”

His latest effort as long in the making as his first CD contains acoustic instrumental versions of Christmas tunes familiar and rare. Each arrangement puts a fresh twist on a traditional favourite. At the same time, he wanted each piece to feel timeless.

Spencer says he “just wants to make music you might enjoy while doing the dishes, or perhaps driving in traffic.” The songs in Plays Well With Others are all over the map, but he hopes “what holds them all together is my enthusiasm for making music”.  Christmas Instrumental has a bit tighter musical theme running each of the tracks but regardless of which album you choose, he hopes you love his music, as much as he loved making it.