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Here is What Christianity Today had to say about Christmas Instrumental!

Magnificently weaving his way through 12 tracks of seasonal liturgy, Capier, whose multi-instrumentalist skills have graced the music of folk-oriented musicians like Jennifer Knapp and Carolyn Arends, crafts a stirring work of art all his own here. Slowly picked mandolins, heartland fiddle lines, priceless pedal steel swoops, and gorgeous open guitars are all effective tools on Capier’s masterful musical workbench.

christmasthumbThis Album contains acoustic instrumental versions of Christmas tunes familiar and rare. Each arrangement puts a fresh twist on a traditional favourite. At the same time, I wanted each piece to feel timeless.

Some songs will not be as well known but I hope even these evoke feelings of Christmas and the Holidays for listeners nonetheless.

I genuinely hope this album finds a place in your Christmas collection and is enjoyed by you and your family for years to come.

Album (Digital Download) $9.99
Album (CD + Download) $15.00 + Shipping  

20% discount for purchasing 5 or more cd’s

Individual Tracks

.99 We Three Kings.mp3

.99 Dulci Jubilo.mp3

.99 At the Hour of Midnight.mp3

.99 Not One Sparrow is Forgotten.mp3

.99 Ave Verum.mp3

.99 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent.mp3

.99 In The Bleak Midwinter.mp3

.99 O Come O Come Emanuel.mp3

.99 Sing We Now of Christmas.mp3

.99 Ding Dong Merrily on High.mp3

.99 Here We Come a Wassailing.mp3

.99 Auld Lang Syne.mp3


Christmas Album, 3.8 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
10 Responses
  1. To be brutally honest… well how can I say it nicely? it’s a huge hit at our house already. We listened to it all the way home from Edmonton last night – about 3 times through. No kidding.

    Both Shawn and I think it’s a fun record. The playing is precise and really well produced — instrumentation initially strikes me as simple, like a roots acoustic album, but after listening more closely there’s way more depth to the arrangements than first meets the eye. I like that, so it’s the kind of album that I can get more out of it after every listen.

    The bass-lines are warm and fill out the songs really nicely, and though the drums are there, they’re just the right volume, allowing the dead-accurate fingering of the strings to shine through.

    Let’s face it Spencer; you’re a great player on all your instruments and, to boot, your arranging skills are brilliant. I mentioned to you at the table that Bleak was one of my favorite Christmas songs, and now I have one more reason why — the sub-melody between verses, intro etc is a fresh foundation that you put the song on. Fresh arrangements are apparent throughout the disc. particularly the cut of Auld Lang Syne done as a late-night smoky jazz tune. It’s one of the many other standouts.

    The best part of the project is this is a party record to put on when the friends come over to visit. It sets a good, clean fun mood that’s lively and clever, and though the instruments are traditional the sound you achieved is a quirky contemporary result that’s really refreshing.

    Shawn says some of the cuts sound Ukrainian, and that’s a good thing — just like a yummy plate full of perogies.

    We never tired of your first album, and we used it as the background music for our pre-concert tunes many times, mainly because of the wide variety of styles and the quality of playing. As reserved and careful as you may come across on stage to some, it’s obvious you have a ton of fun making music for yourself, and in turn for the rest of us to enjoy time and time again.

    You asked for my opinion!
    Great job Mr. Capier!

    Don Palm, Sylvan Lake Alberta

  2. Spencer has outdone himself here. Spirited playing, sparkling acoustics, genius arrangements; this is Christmas music somehow equally suited to soundtracking your liveliest holiday parties or your deepest Advent reflections. Guaranteed to become a perennial favourite.

  3. Lisa Bergren says:

    Fun! We’re in–always love me a new Christmas album.

  4. Roy Salmond says:

    Methinks Spencer and Co. have crafted a classic here. The diversity never overwhelms the unity his instrumental instincts bring to the songs. Well recorded and mixed without sounding ‘glossy’, it is uplifting & warm without ever playing the Christmas schmaltz card. Very creative arrangements that don’t show their seams,it doesn’t sound labored, and sounds like he whipped it off after a nice single malt scotch, which he may well have. Loose without ever being sloppy this is joyful music for a joyful season without lacking in musical depth of artistry. Great job Spencer!

    Roy Salmond

  5. [...] I am ashamed to say that it has taken me a whole year to get to Spencer Capier’s superb Christmas album: [...]

  6. Kelly MacInnis says:

    Heard ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’ on CBC Radio Morning Saturday – drove to work and ordered the CD. Have been listening to the digital files all weekend. I’m in love with this recording! Can’t wait for my friends and family to hear it too!

  7. This is my favourite Christmas album. In fact, it is the only one I play more than once. Beautiful. I’m going to brag about it on my blog.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Lucia! I want to make another one soon, now I’m resettled in a more urban part of North Vancouver and the new mandolin forgets it was once a tree. I love reading your Facebook entries, and I’m starting to migrate to the new blog. I don’t know if I could wax as philosophical as you can while you wax some rich person’s teak furniture, but I admire the writing all the same.

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